Julian Brangold (1986 - Buenos Aires, Argentina) currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach that includes painting, computer programming, collage, digital mediums, performance and tattoo, his conceptual research explores a wide variety of latent contemporary subjects. Using themes like every day technological objects and their interaction with the natural world, Brangold explores mediums that transcend conventionalism  through their various combinations and deconstructions.

His works seek to make us wonder what our place is within a world of constant technological advancements and new natural landscapes, losing the division between the digital and the human.

GROUP SHOWS (Selection)

Arte y tecnología - Museo Fundación Fortabat - Buenos Aires, Argentina

ARTECH - Architecture Museum - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Modules - Millepiani - Roma, Italy

Mount Limit - Wale Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Invasión Festival - Kotti Shop Gallery Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Science and Art - Cubo de Artistas - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Final - ID Art Downtown Miami - Miami, Estados Unidos

Calculate Art Selection - La Terraza - Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Memoria de Otras Cosas – Galería Central de Proyectos - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Premio Proyecto A – Galería Proyecto A - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Movistar Arte Joven – Centro Cultural Borges - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arte Lamroth – Lamroth Hakol Temple - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mixturas – Centro Cultural Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jury Selection – Semana del Arte Contemporáneo de Mar del Plata - Mar del Plata, Argentina


2018 - Warp - Doopler Studio

2017 - Geofonía - Galería Praxis International Art - Argentina

2014 - Delays - Rooms Gallery - Argentina

2012 - Relevos de la naturaleza - Galería Central de Proyectos - Argentina



Arts Program - Prácticas artísticas contemporáneas - Galería Gachi Prieto - Argentina

Artistic Workshop - Sergio Bazan - Argentina

Artistic Workshop - Diana Aisenberg - Argentina

Artistic Workshop - Guillermo Roux - Argentina

Artistic Workshop - Juan Colombres - USA

Artistic Workshop - Carolina Antoniadis - Argentina